Swim Week: Lybethras & Filthy Haanz

This is officially my last Swim Week post.  Sunday was packed with a ton of beautiful shows. While they were all incredible collections, two stood out to me. Over at the W Hotel, I was given the opportunity to head back stage and interview the designers of Lybethras and Filthy Haanz. Backstage was buzzing with excitement and nerves as hair and makeup glam sessions were in full effect.

Lybethras is a Brazilian based swimwear line known for its interesting patterns and colorful details. Designer, Luciana Martinez, gave me an exclusive interview about her collection.

What was your inspiration behind the collection?

Our inspiration was in Ibiza. The girls that go to the beaches in Ibiza with boho chic styles.

If you were to pick one color that would represent your collection, what would it be?

Coral, I love coral.

What makes this collection different from any of the other collections being shown this week in Miami?

We have a lot of made details, hand made crochet, macramé and tassels that are all hand made.

Do you feel that you draw a lot of inspiration from Brazil itself?

Yes, because Brazilian is good and we have the g-string on the runway. We are selling a lot of g-string here in the US.

With that being said, do you think the upcoming Olympics in Rio will further influence the collection?

Yeah! We like the tops, we have a top you can use in 8 ways. Only one top and one cost. It’s reversible. This is definitely my favorite piece in the collection because it fits all body types.

Lybethras Designer, Luciana Martinez

A few minutes later, I met up with, Wilber Tellez, the mastermind behind Filthy Haanz as nervously awaited the beginning of the show. He let me in on what inspired his new collection.

What would you say was your biggest inspiration in the collection?

So the inspiration for this collection is called “Black Rose” which means the rebirth and death of something and for this one we are re-birthing the essentials of what the brand is which sexy, elegant and you know, dark and sophisticated, yet mysterious.

What makes this new, re-birthed, collection different from other collections being shown this week?

So, you know, designers have their own vision and the way you present something with the overall look is what is really going to set you apart. So we are really going in a more sophisticated way with cuts and colors and so I think that is going to stand out a little bit more.

What would you say is your favorite cut and color combination?

Now in my collection, I would say all of the drape pieces are really what I was most proud to present this year.

Now that the one piece is back in style and everyone is wearing it, do you think the trend is here to stay?

I hope it’s here to stay! I try not to produce trends or follow trends. I think classic beauty is something we should look forward to. You never have to buy another one where you can keep buying more of the same.

I have a tricky question for you, if you could pick one song to represent your collection, since its sexy and mysterious, what would it be?

I would have to say… this is going to be cheesy, but i’m going to say Selena Gomez’s “Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself” because it’s true because once you put on those bathing suits you just feel wild.

Filthy Haanz Designer, Wilber Tellez
Filthy Haanz Designer, Wilber Tellez

After interviewing the designers, I could not be more excited to watch the new collections debut. First out was Lybethras. The collection was just as colorful as Luciana described. Each piece showcased patterns and prints fit for a celebration. The tassel trend was everywhere, from bikini tops to ankle bracelets.

As Lybethras came to a close, the tone immediately changed as Filthy Haanz prepared to begin. The collection was definitely sexy and mysterious with deep cuts and mesh outlines. The collection focused on deep colors and dramatic cutouts to mirror the “Black Rose” inspiration behind the collection.

For the sunny afternoon at Swim Week I chose a flowy black and white skirt with an asymmetrical hem, paired with a tank top that I tied up for a laid-back vibe. A bit of color was needed so I attached my Laf Liv Lov pom poms to my black clutch. I decided on some chunky black tie up heels (on SALE!) to complete the look.

Swim Week was a crazy (but so amazing!) week for me. There were so many talented designers showcasing their talents through their new collections. I cannot wait until next year!

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